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Info Island

A team of librarians and other volunteers from around the globe have grown Info Island from a few buildings in early 2006 to a cluster of islands bustling with activities that explore roles libraries and librarians may play in 3D virtual worlds. Educators will particularly like the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Library on the [...]

International Spaceflight Museum

Ride a Titan II rocket into low earth orbit. Stroll among towering replicates of the world’s major rockets. Watch live video from NASA. See how the planets were aligned the day you were born. The International Spaceflight Museum hosts exhibits and events about real-world spacecraft, rockets, and space travel. The museum is located on the [...]

NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory

Brace yourself as a tsunami washes over you and knocks down the nearby village. Hitch a ride on a weather balloon. Fly through the eye of a hurricane. Stand on a real-time 3D weather map of North America. The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Earth System Research Laboratory’s Virtual Education Demonstration includes a variety [...]

Exploratorium (Splo and Planetarium)

The Exploratorium, San Francisco’s “museum of science, art and human perception,” has created interactive science exhibits in several Second Life locations. Splo Island is the largest of these, with exhibits spread over the whole PG-rated island. A smaller version of the Splo and a planetarium reside at mature-rated Midnight City.

Splo Island (PG sim), Location: SploLand [...]


Svarga’s lush landscape includes interdependent species of artificial life, complete with genes that sometimes mutate and produce new variations. Former Lionhead game developer and SL avatar Laukosargas Svarog programmed the weather, flora and fauna to influence each other as in a real-life ecosystem. At the entrance port, you can take a tour of the island [...]