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ISTE Island

On ISTE Island in Second Life, the International Society for Technology in Education hosts a Tuesday evening speaker series and Thursday evening Educator Socials. They have also provided a venue for a number of other activities, such as the online portion of the educators tracks for the Second Life Community Convention and for the National [...]

NMC Campus

Soon after the New Media Consortium (NMC) Campus opened in 2006, it became a hub of activity for educators in Second Life, hosting numerous seminars, discussions and exhibits.
The NMC rapidly added more islands to the archipelago, including several on which they rent spots to educators who want G-rated space amidst other educators. The New Media [...]

Info Island

A team of librarians and other volunteers from around the globe have grown Info Island from a few buildings in early 2006 to a cluster of islands bustling with activities that explore roles libraries and librarians may play in 3D virtual worlds. Educators will particularly like the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Library on the [...]

International Spaceflight Museum

Ride a Titan II rocket into low earth orbit. Stroll among towering replicates of the world’s major rockets. Watch live video from NASA. See how the planets were aligned the day you were born. The International Spaceflight Museum hosts exhibits and events about real-world spacecraft, rockets, and space travel. The museum is located on the [...]

Exploratorium (Splo and Planetarium)

The Exploratorium, San Francisco’s “museum of science, art and human perception,” has created interactive science exhibits in several Second Life locations. Splo Island is the largest of these, with exhibits spread over the whole PG-rated island. A smaller version of the Splo and a planetarium reside at mature-rated Midnight City.

Splo Island (PG sim), Location: SploLand [...]

Social Simulation Research Lab

If you need to do a literature review of articles related to the social aspects of virtual worlds, the Social Simulation Research Lab is a good place to start. Each book on the shelves links to an article or Web site.
According to the site’s notecard, “The Social Simulation Research Lab is a public hub [...]

Virtual Morocco

The Casablanca region captures the essence of Morocco with an outdoor market, mosque, gardens, music and other details. Students from Johnson & Wales University traveled to the real-life Morocco, then entered Second Life to build a representation of what they had seen abroad. You may don a red “Info Fez” that triggers chat messages explaining [...]

English Village

Teaching English as a second language, instructors at the English Village employ what they call “holoteaching,” using classrooms where you can completely change scenes with the touch of a button, like the holodeck in the TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation.
The village’s mission is…

To create a positive environment for English teachers, researchers, and students.
To [...]

Languages (other than English)

There are many regions in Second Life that cater to people who speak languages other than English. These make excellent places for language students to practice their skills with native speakers. Here is a partial list of non-English-speaking regions. If you know of others, please leave a note in the comments or email me and [...]